Newark City Subway

Newark City Subway Timeline
  • 1820s - Construction of Morris Canal begins; waterway eventually runs from Jersey City to Phillipsburg
  • 1920s - With the canal all but obsolete, New Jersey officials advocate its abandonment
  • 1929 - Subway construction begins on the Newark section of the former canal
  • 1935 - Service begins between Broad Street and Heller Parkway
  • 1937 - Southern extension, Broad Street to Pennsylvania Station
  • 1940 - Northern extension, Heller Parkway to Franklin Avenue
  • 1952 - Route 29 BLOOMFIELD, the last of several surface routes which used the subway, is converted to buses; only route 7 CITY SUBWAY remains
  • 1953 - Thirty PCC cars, purchased second-hand from Twin City Rapid Transit in Minnesota, arrive in Newark
  • 1970s - PCCs repainted in red, white and blue bi-centennial livery
  • 1979 - New Jersey Transit created by state legislation; NCS comes under NJT Bus Operations
  • 1980s - $ 25 million capital improvement project to renovate fixed facilities and cars; PCCs repainted in NJT livery
  • 1990s - Plans advance to rebuild the line for LRV operation


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