Selected scenes from a Toronto PCC Charter, 28 Oct. 2000

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Wolseley Loop

Wolseley Loop, on Bathurst Street, is a good place to photograph streetcars with the CN Tower in the background. The loop is rarely used by regular service cars, making it a fantrip favourite.

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Fleet Loop

Railfan Sean Marshall contemplates shiny 4549 paused at Fleet Loop.

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Fleet Loop, then:

R. Hill captured 4511 at Fleet Loop on 27 June, 1974.

The photo was made at 3:55 p.m., Ms. Hill noted with her usual precision.

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Fleet Loop, now:

I captured sister car 4549 at nearly the same spot during the charter.

I, typically, don't recall what time of day this was taken.

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St. Clair West

Underground at St. Clair West subway station loop. Railfans and a GM Fishbowl moved too fast for the shutter speed, enveloping stationary 4549 in a swirl of activity.

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Bay & Bus

The trip paused on Bay Street long enough for several buses to pass, including 7304 southbound on the BAY 6 route. BAY 6 once was a trolley coach route.

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We were treated to a rare around-the-block "loop-the-loop" photo session at Bingham Loop, which is another fan favourite. Here, 4549 is seen heading for the loop the second time around.

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Our five hour outing complete, the car returned to its home base at Russell Carhouse.

Note the impossible roll sign readings - both destination and route signs are turned to carhouses. Connaught (Russell) is still an operating division. But Wychwood, across town, is closed and dilapidated. For all practical purposes, that facility no longer is accessible by streetcars.


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