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Updated Dec. 6, 2001  
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Today's trams are larger and more technically complex than their predecessors. Some still run on conventional street trackage, but avoiding traffic congestion is the goal of today's transit planners. Modern LRVs (light rail vehicles) run on private rights-of-way at, above or below grade. Tramways (tram systems) are called light rail transit.

I am a tram buff (some might say tram geek). This website is one way in which I share my knowledge of trams with the world. As a North American, the perspective of this page will reflect my background. So why do I call trolleys trams? I kind of like the term--I guess I naturally picked it up while studying LRT throughout the world. The technology remains the same, though the word is different. The one thing I do object to is the North American tendency to call those pathetic little theme park tour buses 'trams.'

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