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Hello! Chances are, if you've accessed this page, you are a tram buff. Call them whatever you wish--trams, trolleys, streetcars--those clanging, lurching, swaying behemoths have somehow found a place in your heart, and maybe your basement, bookshelves, office, backyard...well, you get the idea. Although I am a North American, I've gotten into the habit of calling them trams, probably due to my being a great fan of the large system in Melbourne, Australia.

I hereby dedicate this site to tram buffs everywhere! While I have included some photos from my own collection for your viewing pleasure, I have also included some information as to my wider interests, as well as a want list of items and photos I would like to obtain with the assistance of other collectors. If nothing else, it is always a pleasure to hear from other members of the traction fraternity, who tend to be a rather eclectic bunch, I've found.

In addition to trams, I am interested in other modes of urban transit, including heavy rail, inclined plane railways, and (forgive me) diesel and electric buses. My favourite tram systems are: Toronto, Pittsburgh, Melbourne, Buffalo (past & present), Rochester, N.Y., Montreal, Boston, Halifax, and the legendary NS&T--Niagara, St. Catharines, and Toronto. I am always scouting the terrain for new information and photos about these systems; I have a collection of books about a great many systems, and I certainly do not limit my scope to the cities named herein. While the focus of my interest is trams of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Britain, I certainly welcome enquires from fellow enthusiasts the world over, and if it helps--ICI, ON PARLE FRANCAIS!

I hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to e-mail me with comments, suggestions, or enquiries.

Best wishes, Roger.

Photo: 1904 Kuhlman-built car, Rochester, N.Y. Collection of R. DuPuis; photographer unknown.

Roving the Routes

My Wishlist
Information, photos, & other items WANTED!!!
A World of Trams
Tram photos from my collections
New York Museum of Transportation
A great up-and-coming museum near Rochester, N.Y., USA
Australian Electric Traction Association
Great source of info. and pix of Australian trams & electric trains
"Trolley Cars Dot Com"
A MUST for all tram buffs!

Fares collected to date