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Kinki-Sharyo LRVs (a.k.a. Type 7)
3600-3699 (1986-88)
3700-3719 (1997)

Type 7 car 3669 in the old green/white livery. Lechmere, July 1999.

Kinki-Sharyo car 3719, newbie of the Type 7s, trundles inbound toward the Lechmere Viaduct in July 1999. Compare the new livery with the simple tones of 3669, above.

Laying over at Lechmere, July 1999.

Two Type 7s meet on the elevated at North Station, July 1999.

Outbound to Lechmere, 3662 boards passengers at North Station, July 1999. That steely contraption at left appears to be a wheelchair lift.

Old-liveried 3671 lays over at Heath Street, July 1999.


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